Reduced capacity at the surgery

We continue to experience reduced capacity due to sickness across our GP team and will continue to do so at least until the end of February.  All appointment requests are triaged by a GP and appointments are allocated according to clinical need. There may be times that we have to switch eConsult off on-line to help us manage demand.  We will continue to take requests over the telephone or at our front desk but we may have to restrict requests to urgent medical problems only.


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Menopause Symptom Scale (Greene Climacteric)

The Greene Scale provides a brief measure of menopause symptoms. It can be used to assess changes in different symptoms, before and after menopause treatment. Three main areas are measured:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Vasomotor

Menopause Symptom Scale (Greene Climacteric)
Please use format day/month/year e.g. 12/05/1979


Please indicate the extent to which you are bothered at the moment by any of these symptoms:

Heart beating quickly or strongly:
Feeling tense or nervous:
Difficulty in sleeping:
Attacks of anxiety, panic:
Difficulty in concentrating:
Feeling tired or lacking in energy:
Loss of interest in most things:
Feeling unhappy or depressed:
Crying spells:
Feeling dizzy or faint:
Pressure or tightness in head:
Parts of body feeling numb:
Muscle and joint pains:
Loss of feeling in hands or feet:
Breathing difficulties:
Hot flushes:
Sweating at night:
Loss of interest in sex:
Automatically calculated from the questions above.

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