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Check waiting times: My Planned Care

Waiting for a hospital appointment?

If you are waiting for a hospital appointment or treatment, you can use the My Planned Care website to check the waiting times at your hospital.

Check hospital waiting times on the My Planned Care website

Your GP Practice is here for you and we are doing our best to get you the care you need as soon as possible. While you are waiting for a hospital appointment, we wanted to let you know that there is more support available to you.

Anyone waiting for a hospital appointment, operation or treatment, can now access the NHS My Planned Care Patient Digital Platform which provides direct access to the latest average wait time information for their hospital, as well as helpful advice and support whilst you wait. You can access the latest average wait times for operations and procedures by speciality at the NHS My Planned Care website.

We encourage you to look at this site where you may find the information you need before contacting your GP or hospital for an update about any elective procedures you are waiting for.

Updated weekly, the site is easy-to-use and is ‘open-access’ so your carer, friends, relatives, and your NHS team can also access this information.As well as wait time information, the platform also includes helpful details about how to manage your pain, mental health, keeping healthy and accessing financial help and other local support whilst you wait. It can also help you to prepare for your appointment/operation, including how to make a plan for your care and treatment alongside your healthcare professional.